Testimonies for Simplicities of Life


Thank you for your heartfelt prayers for my family. And thank you for putting the order together so quickly! We are devout Catholics, and my grandparents will appreciate that the rosaries were made by prayerful hands.




I was looking for special rosary. Gift shops near my house didn't have what I wanted, so I decided to search online. That's how I found your site. I just put the word Rosaries into my search engine. After looking at several sites, I found yours. You offer unique and beautiful pieces. One fit my needs perfectly.
Marie R



Just wanted to Thank you again. The Rosary is beautiful and I think James will love it. The earrings are cute and my daughter will like those too.

Thank you and God Bless!!!
Donna N.



I was searching for a video that teaches the Holy Rosary in Greek. Then, I found your illuminatingly beautiful Rosaries!
A.B. from California


My daughter absolutely loved the earrings that Igot at theConference. I gave them to her on her birthday and bought some for myself also. Fr. Cedric blessed them so they are extra special to me.
Margaret L.


These rosaries are absolutely in one word "stunning"!!
Joy B. Louisiana


I love my rosary and am so glad to have found your site
Anna R.  WA 


Good evening Mr. & Mrs. Thomas, Today we received our rosaries. WOW. They truly are beautiful and extremely well built. We can't thank you enough. Please keep us in your e-mail mailing list for any and all of your products and or events update. P.S. The girls loved their earrings. Thank you so very much. Widhing you continues health, happiness, and enormous success in all your endeavors.
Miami, Florida


My whole family is in love with these rosaries.
Carmen G.


The rosaries are just beautiful. I am going to order for my grandaughter for graduation . Will order Tuesday. Thank you so much .


Your rosaries are beautiful! I especially love the larger size beads. I have been a fan of the antique bronze findings for awhile. So glad I found you!

Terry P.



The most beautiful rosaries I have ever seen!!! I plan to get one in the future.




Your Rosaries are some of the most beautiful ones I have ever seen




I have been searching for a nice set of Rosary beads for my wife who seems to break all the chains at least on the under $80 sets. I've never ventured over that price before. This will be just in time to give them to her for Mother's Day!

They are beautiful. Perhaps I'll be able to visit you again and get a Rosary for me! ;-)

I also plan to show the Rosary to my nieces and nephew because their Mom is always holding a broken set. She really burns through them. I think the women like to twist the beads and they catch on the chain and open or break it. They might join to get her a nice gift!




Dear Coby,
I just received my Rosary. This is, without a doubt, the most lovely Rosary i have ever held in my hands. I was deeply moved by the sense of peace that swept through me before i even begun to pray. Who ever it is that creates these Rosaries is, in my opinion, a very gifted individual. I want you to know I will be recommending SIMPLICITIES OF LIFE at every opportunity.
Thank you so much for my lifetime Rosary,

Thank you for the earrings too.




THANK YOU for getting A's rosary out so quickly. It is so beautiful! Please tell your son he has done a marvelous job stringing it for us! Also, a HUGE thanks for the Miraculous Medal earrings!!! I am so excited about those! I was given a Mother's necklace from my sisters some years ago that features the antique bronze recast medals, and it is very special to me. These earrings coordinate perfectly with the necklace. How sweet! We already have been and will continue to spread the word about Simplicities of Life. I hope your family continues to be blessed with your apostolate.

Blessings & thanks,



i got it!! I LOVE IT!! i know this is going to help my prayer life.

thanks so much, kim



I just wanted to tell you how beautiful your rosaries are...I am soooo impressed and moved by them, and i'm not even Catholic! Thanks, and I KNOW God is going to bless your new business!!!!



My rosary arrived today! Words cannot begin to describe how beautiful they are. Thank you for the wonderful customer service and the fulfilling of this most important calling that assists us in our own.



Stunning rosaries that will last a lifetime. Our littlest children cannot wait until they make their first communion so that they can receive their 'special' rosary! There is so much thought and time spent on each rosary that makes them even more special. Thank you Simplicitiesoflife for saying yes to Gods call because they have truly blessed our family and our family rosary. --E.C.



Hi Kessie,
I met you last year at the Layette charismatic conference… I also purchase some of your jewelry and rosaries.

As it goes I have a story around an item I purchased from you!

The one rosary I purchase was brown in color and thought it would be for my husband, but only the Lords knows.

In our RCIA group there is a man who came from a firm Baptist background and had no idea about our Lady and her rosary. I invited him to a class on Our Lady and her Rosary. I had on the table plastic rosary for all to take and use as we prayed the rosary… I had a power point of images as we prayed the luminous mysteries with a recording from Father Scallion and Danna. I saw him wipe his eyes once or twice and knew he was touched. At the end of class he express he had no idea of what Our Lady was all about and ask to keep his plastic rosary. His wife was a cradle Catholic and I can only imagine her surprise when he came home with his new devotion to our Lady and his rosary…

The following Sunday before mass I stumbled across the Brown Rosary I purchased from you, still in the box… Well I felt that it was a sign for me to take it to mass and pray it because I was going to be quit early ( keep in mind, my thought where nowhere on this young man) As I finished praying my rosary, in walks Mike with his bible and his plastic rosary in hand. To my surprise a voice loud and clear ask if I would give Mike my rosary…. I have to admit I was a little selfish and convince that the voice wasn’t real and I would be foolish to give this to him…. Well as the story goes all through mass I struggle and then after Eucharist a peacefulness of knowing it was the a true voice of heaven, encouraging me to gift Mike the Rosary, my heart was joyful.

Needless to say Mike was very thankful and gladly with tearful eyes exchange the little plastic rosary for his new St. Joseph Rosary. Just a Note when I first met Mike before I knew his name, I handed him two prayer cards one of St. Michael and one of St. Joseph… to my surprise when he told me his name it is Michael Joseph!

I need another Rosary! lol

†God Bless ............. Philippians 4:6